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Salad with arugula, roasted walnuts, red beet and optionally tofu cheese or buffalo cheese 250 g 8 lv
Green salad with honey dressing and salmon roll with spinach 250 g 12 lv
Red beet salad, carrots and pumpkin seeds 200 g 7 lv
Grilled aubergine and marinated vegetables with goat cheese 250 g 10 lv
Winter salad with tuna fish 250 g 14 lv
Iceberg salad with chicken fillets, vegetables and Parmesan cheese 250 g 10 lv
soup of the day 300 g 7 lv

cold starters

Tartar with red beet and avocado  180 g 8 lv
Aubergine terrine 180 g 9 lv
Burratine with avocado, cherry tomatoes and basil 180 g 12 lv
Veal carpaccio with arugula and Parmesan cheese strips 120 g 13 lv

Tuna fish steak with chickpeas, avocado and dried tomatoes

150 g 14 lv

Terrine of foie gras and green figs

120 g 16 lv
hot starters

Glazed asparagus with poached edd 180 g 10 lv
Aromatic vegetables in crunchy crust and cheese sauce 180 g 9 lv
Quinoa rissoles with green salad 200 g 10 lv
Pasta penne with tomato salsa and Parmesan cheese 200 g 9 lv
Porcini risotto  180 g   9 lv 

Goose liver with caramelized onions and prunes

180 g 18 lv  
main courses

Sea bass fillet with sweet potatoes and spinach 350 g 19 lv
Chicken roll with spinach, cheese sauce and vegetable risotto 350 g 15 lv
Duck leg confit with aromatic sauce 300 g 15 lv
French rack of lamb with risotto 300 g 35 lv
Pepper steak with sauteed potatoes 300 g 29 lv
Black Angus Ribeye steak 350 g 75 lv

Roasted seasonal fruits with honey and cinnamon 120 g 6 lv
Apple tart tatin and ice cream 120 g 7 lv

Variation of pumpkin cheesecake 

120 g 6 lv
Tiramisu 120 g 7 lv
Chocolate cake with nougat and sour cherries 120 g 8 lv
Warm chocolate lava cake with vanilla ice-cream 120 g 7 lv